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The lasik procedure can correct short sightedness up to -8.00 diopters, farsightedness up to +4.00 diopters and astigmatism up to -5.00 diopters or more usually. If you do not know your measurements, we recommend that you come in for a free assessment which will determine these measurements. There may be other surgical options like lens replacement surgery if you are outside this range. Our specialist consultants will guide you on the safest procedure for you.


Glasses measurements usually become stable after the age of 18-20. We advise that you should be at least 18-20 years of age and your glasses measurements should have been stable for at least one year.

People over the age of 45 years are suitable for Lasik but they will need reading glasses after surgery in special cases, but PresbyMax Laser can avoid reading glasses for you. People over the age of 65 are less suitable as their chances of developing cataract in the next 10 years are high and this will change their measurements, but multifocal implant surgery can avoid the need for reading glasses.


People wearing soft contact lenses need to have the lenses out for 3 days prior to the final assessment. People wearing hard or gas permeable lenses need to have the lenses out for at least one month prior to the final assessment. Glasses or temporary soft contact lenses can be used during this time.


Pregnant woman are not suitable for laser surgery.  There should be no other disorders of the eye, particularly no disorders of the cornea such as keratoconus.


If you know your glasses or contact lens measurements click here to send us your measurements and we will let you know if you are suitable.

All medical aids and hospital plans cover cataract , glaucoma, retina surgery and most eye procedures. The Tygervalley Eye & Laser Center, and V&A Waterfront Eye & Laser Center is one of the worlds leading eye centers, that has its own dedicated eye hospital in Cape Town South Africa. Eye surgeons, that is designated service providers for Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Bonitas, Profmed, Genesis, GEMS, Keyhealth, Momentum, Medihelp, Transmed and other medical aids or private patients.

The first step is to schedule a consultation and Ophthalmic assessment of the eye.