Laser Vision Correction in Cape Town South Africa

The First refractive eye laser surgery in Cape Town, was done in 1993. At the Tygervalley Eye and Laser Clinic, we do revolutionary eye laser vision correction with the industry-leading Schwind AMARIS laser technology that offers the safest, fastest and most high-precision treatment available worldwide.  

What is Eye Laser Vision Correction?

Individualized laser vision correction is an excimer laser technology, where a personal and unique laser vision correction is designed for each individual eye. Just like a fingerprint, each person’s vision is 100 percent unique to their eyes. Up until now, a -2.00 diopter treatment for two different people has been the same. But no two people’s corneal curvatures and aberrations are exactly the same, even if their prescriptions are the same. With our advanced eye laser Schwind AMARIS technology, uniqueness is taken into account when designing a personalized laser pattern, and no two “treatment prescriptions” are identical. It therefore makes sense that better results are expected for each individual with this system.

All eye laser candidates receive a thorough diagnostic screening using specialized equipment. The Pentacam corneal topographer, Schwind Peramis, MS-39 Wavefront Analyzes the entire cornea and measures the corneal curvature and thickness. The Wavefront-based digital technology determines the presence of pre-operative higher-order aberrations and unique imperfections in each individual’s vision. It produces a detailed map of the eye – much like a fingerprint. The information captured using the Wavefront technology is transferred to the laser, providing a new level of precision and accuracy. This new level of measurement provides 25 times more precision than with standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses.

How Does the eye laser Procedure Work

Trans PRK / SmartSurf 


During the ±20 minute procedure, the very superficial 50 microns of epithelium is removed to expose the deeper layers of the cornea. The laser is then performed (usually less than 30 seconds) and a bandage contact lens is placed on the eye for ± 1 week to protect the abladed area and to make the eye more comfortable.

A specific type of laser, with a very small spot size of 1 mm is used for this specialized and advanced eye laser treatment. An 7D eye tracking system is used to follow any small eye movements during the ablation. Iris registration technology replaces previous methods of attaining accurate alignment. It is a fully automated method of aligning and registering wavefront corrections for eye laser treatments. It centers the treatment correctly, independent of changes in the pupil center from measurement to treatment. The laser uses a very small beam, which means that less energy is used to laser the cornea, resulting in more accurate ablations. This eye laser system is therefore the safest, fastest and most high-precision eye laser treatment available worldwide.

Who Can Benefit from advanced eye laser Wavefront-Guided PRK?

  • Patients with large amounts of aberrations
  • Patients who are tired of wearing glasses. #NoMoreGlasses
  • Patients with irregular astigmatism
  • Patients with large pupils
  • Patients with high myopia
  • Patients with thin corneas
  • Patients with dry eye conditions
  • Patients who have residual refractive errors after previous refractive laser surgery, who’s corneas are too thin for Lasik surgery

PRK Recovery

Although the procedure is pain-free you will experience some discomfort and light sensitivity for the first few days after surgery. Your vision will also be blurry and fluctuate for two to four weeks following surgery. You will be seen regularly for follow-up and will have to take eye drop medication for about 3 months after surgery. After about 2 weeks most people have functional vision and at 4 weeks post-op most people have normal (20/20) vision.

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