Who is a good candidate for non-evasive aesthetics ?

What is Tixel treatment?

Skin rejuvenation made simple. The Tixel is the only fractional skin resurfacing device, it is not a laser, radiofrequency micro needling, or ultrasound treatment. It uses a Thermo-Mechanical Ablative (TMA) technology to trigger your body’s own response to healing to rejuvenate and repair the skin.

It transfers thermal energy directly to skin by conduction, the most effective form of heat transfer. Heat is applied to the skin by a medical-grade in situ self-sterilizing titanium tip, triggering the natural healing and skin rejuvenation processes. It is a new skin treatment that is used to stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, in so improving the skin’s quality.

Why is it pain free?

Tixel produces similar injuries and results to fractional CO2 lasers. However, this treatment leaves no char or debris on the skin and has relatively less downtime for a similar end result. We are able to treat wrinkles and fine lines, skin discolouration and age spots, scars including acne scarring and DED (Dry Eye Disease, Dry Eye Syndrome)

During aesthetics treatment

The pins are introduced to the surface of the skin at a precisely-controlled speed and create brief contact with the skin lasting only a few milliseconds. This enables the thermal energy stored in the pins to be transferred to the skin. The thermal transfer results in an array of tiny non-ablative coagulation sites. Because the tiny tip pyramids hold a limited amount of energy, burns and tissue charring are prevented.


Non evasive aesthetics, skin rejuvenation treatment by highly skilled medical staff at the Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre in Cape Town South Africa


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