FINEVision Trifocal Intra-Ocular Lens Implants

You might have noticed that as we approach our marvellous 50’s, reading becomes more difficult.  This is referred to as Presbyopia and has to do with the crystalline lens in the eye becoming harder and larger.  Due to this loss of flexibility, the accommodation mechanism of the eye is lost and reading glasses are required.

As time passes, you might notice that distance vision also becomes more difficult and that vision might even be a bit cloudy or “washed out”.  This is due to opacification of the lens and is called a Cataract.

With advancing technology, we no longer wait till the cataract is completely dense and only replace the lens with monofocal distance lens powers.  These days we have the option of bifocal and trifocal lens implants.  This can add to the quality of your life by leaving you less spectacle dependant.

The latest addition to the Lens Options is the FINEVision Intra Ocular Lens (IOL).  Where most “multifocal” IOL’s offer distance and reading correction, FINEvision has an additional step for intermediate vision (e.g. computer) – thus making it a truly trifocal lens.  More precisely the FINEVision optic combines two diffractive structures that are adjusted to offer the +3.5 D addition for near vision and +1.75 D addition for intermediate vision.

Trifocal Intra-ocular lens

Trifocal Intra-ocular Implant


Not all patients are suitable for FINEvision and other alternatives may be better.

Selection criteria includes ocular health, corneal shape, lifestyle requirements and the ability to tolerate some glare and halo’s at night (photic phenomena).

Various international Surgeons have published rave reviews of their research findings.

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