Top 4 Daily Eye Care Habits

As one of the smallest sensory organs, our eyes are one of the most important. It is our primary way of interacting with the world, so it’s surprising how little time we invest in caring for them. Take a look at these seven easy steps you can take every day to ensure that your eyes are properly cared for.


    • UV protection: It’s not just your skin that needs daily protection from harmful rays. Experts recommend that no more than 30 percent of sunlight should reach your eyes. Wearing brimmed hats helps to cut down the amount of sunlight theyare exposed to. Sunglasses are crucial to provide adequate protection –be sure they are labelled as providing protection from ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B – or UVA and UVB – radiation. Also remember that, simply because designer shades are expensive, it does not necessarily mean that they protect against the sun.


    • Eyestrain: This does not refer to the organ itself, but the muscles that control it. The best way to prevent strain is by giving them regular breaks. Close them for a while, or stare off into the distance. Make sure you have sufficient light for reading and take breaks while working at a computer.


    • Diabetic care: If you have diabetes, you need to take extra care in protecting their eyes. This disease may cause abnormal blood vessels to grow across the retina, which could cause permanent blindness. This is called retinopathy and about fivepercent of people with diabetes eventually lose their sight. Diet and medication will prevent this, so ensure that see your ophthalmologist regularly.


  • See your doctor: Thanks to medical technology and research, most conditions that affect your vision can be treated if detected in time. Glaucoma is the perfect example – this preventable disease is the number one cause of blindness, but can be managed if caught in the early stages. This is why regular check-ups are vital to the overall health of your eyes.
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