Sulcoflex supplementary IOL’s

If you’ve already had a cataract eye care treatment, then you’re probably delighted to be rid of all of those irritating symptoms such as blurred vision and glare from lights. You may well be fed up with still having to wear glasses for close work however, or there may have been some ‘refractive surprises’ after your first operation, meaning that your sight is not as good as you’d hoped it would be after the surgery. Imagine being able to improve the effects you’re already getting with a simple yet effective procedure.

The Sulcoflex supplementary IOL can be added as a piggy-back lens to your original lens implants, this allows you to avoid the unnecessary discomfort and inconvenience of removing a lens that’s already in place. They are exceptionally thin and custom-matched for your eyes. During the eye procedure, the Sulcoflex lens is placed behind the iris, in front of the original implanted IOL. These lenses offer a precise and reliable alternative tocorneal surgery. The Sulcoflex supplementary IOL’s are available as Toric lenses to correct astigmatism, as well asMultifocal lenses to correct both distance and near vision.

If you are still using glasses after having cataract surgery, then this could well be the ideal procedure for you. Talk to your ophthalmologist about the possible advantages that you could experience from a Sulcoflex supplementary intra-ocular lens implant procedure.

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