Press Release

As a leading South African eye specialist, Dr. Johann Kruger, was recently asked to contribute a chapter to Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lenses. The book was authored by Lucio Buratto, Stephen Brint and Domenico Boccuzzi. It was published in April of 2014, and provides a detailed overview of the latest developments in the field.

Academic Expertise

The publication explains a crucial new step in intraocular lens (IOL) selection and pre-op processes that patients and eye specialist can use to obtain optimal treatment results. It covers many topics, from mono and multifocal lenses to implantation and the effects of ocular damage. A number of illustrations and diagrams are included, as well as an extensive glossary and reference list – making it a comprehensive guide for students and surgeons alike.

The book outlines the latest information on:

– Instruments used during surgery and preoperative examination
– Patient assessments
– Operating techniques for cataract treatment
– Best incision methods
– Prevention of endophthalmitis
– Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices for modern cataract surgery

The authors and various contributors, including Dr Johann Kruger, are all leading experts in the field of LASIK procedures and cataract surgery.

University Acclaim

Dr Kruger’s accomplished career began with an MBChB and MMed degree in Ophthalmology. When he’s not practicing at the Eye Laser Clinic or Khangella Eye Theatre at Tygervalley Shopping Centre, this medicine man passes his knowledge onto the next generation. As an honorary consultant at Stellenbosch University, he often gives guest lectures in his field.

Most recently, he presented a class for post-graduate students and medical consultants on modern refractive surgery. It was highly rated by those in attendance, and the University even took the occasion to formally thank him for his contribution to quality education for Ophthalmologist Registrars.

Our doctors often contribute to talks, journals and the academic sphere. They ensure that they’re up to date on cutting edge break-throughs in this field, so Eye Laser Clinic can provide you with medical expertise you deserve.

If you’d like to find out more about the lectures Dr Kruger gives, or about the book Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lenses, feel free to contact us.


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