November Newsletter 2011


October marks the annual Eye Care Awareness Week.  During the month of October the Khangella theatre offered its theatre facilities free of charge and Dr. Johann Krüger performed several free cataract operations on people who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  Several pharmaceutical companies made this possible by donating intra-ocular lenses, eye drop medication and other materials used during the procedure.


Trabectome is a new FDA-approved surgical device for the treatment of glaucoma.  The unique design of Trabectome precisely removes the diseased tissue that is causing the glaucoma in a procedure that is as simple as cataract surgery.  It is safe, economical and effective and restores the eye’s natural fluid balance.  The complication rate is very low and it can easily be combined with cataract surgery.

A new multifocal intra-ocular lens, the LENTIS MPlus lens is now available.  This IOL features a completely new approach in multifocal lens technology.  An innovative aspheric, asymmetric far-vision zone is combined with a sector-shaped near vision section of +3 diopters.  This allows for seamless transition between the far and near zones and offers great advantages.  Significantly less glare and halo’s are experienced, there are no image jumps and contrast sensitivity is significantly improved.


We have been added to the Discovery Keycare plan as a new supplier; there are only a few hospitals on this plan as a preferred provider.

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