The first intralase/femtosecond laser in Cape Town

The Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre is the first clinic in the Western Cape to offer the Intralase laser for refractive surgery, better known as iLASIK (femto-Lasik) surgery, and has been performing iLasik (femto-Lasik) and other femtosecond-assisted procedures since 2011.

Femtosecond laser technology provides improved safety, predictability and accuracy in many eye procedures. The most well known application of the Femtosecond laser is in the blade-free iLASIK (femto-Lasik) procedure. Here the Femtosecond laser is used to create a thin corneal flap under which advanced CustomVue laser technology is used to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism to make patients independent of spectacles and contact lenses. We offer a free 30 minute iLASIK (femto-Lasik) suitability evaluation with our laser-care Optometrist. Contact us on 021 9100 300 to schedule an appointment.

Amazing results are seen with Femtosecond-assisted Astigmatism treatment procedures. People suffering from high degrees of astigmatism (especially after previous corneal transplant surgery) can now have their astigmatism drastically reduced using this new technology.

The Femtosecond laser is also used during corneal transplant surgery to very accurately cut both the donor and recipient corneas. This makes the procedure much more precise resulting in much lower post-operative astigmatism and better refractive outcomes. Partial thickness corneal grafts selectively remove only the diseased part of the cornea. As the healthy layers are retained the body does not recognize the donor tissue, hence there is less risk of rejection, and steroid medications need not be continued for a long duration. We can also import suitable donor corneas from overseas, so there is no more need to be on a long waiting list for a corneal transplant.

Other procedures that utilizes the Femtosecond laser includes Intra-corneal ring segment surgery for the treatment of irregular corneas (in Keratoconus), and the Flexivue micro lens implant for the correction of presbyopia.

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