Femto Z LASIK in Cape Town

FEMTO Z LASIK is an advanced refractive eye surgery which is used to correct refractive errors including hyperopia (far sightedness), myopia (short sightedness) and astigmatism. With more than 30 years of innovation, more than 15 million procedures worldwide and the broadest range of FDA wavefront-guided LASIK approvals, Femto Z Lasik Technologies are true industry leaders.

Dr. Kruger offers a free 30-minute suitability evaluation for people who are interested in refractive surgery, including LASIK or FEMTO Z LASIK, that would like to find out whether if they are a suitable candidate. Appointments can be made by phoning 021 9100 300.

There are two steps in femto Z LASIK eye laser procedures

During the first step, the Intralase laser method is used to create a corneal flap. This is a 100% blade-free approach to create the thin flap of tissue that the doctor folds back in order to complete step 2.

The second step of the procedure utilises our advanced Schwind AMARIS eye laser 7D tracking technology that reshapes the cornea in order to correct the unique imperfections of your visual system. Everyone is different and your eyes are as unique as your finger print, which is why thorough pre-operative testing with the advanced Wavefront Technology is so important to make femto ZLasik a truly personalised laser eye treatment.

While LASIK complications are rare – when they do occur they are primarily related to the use of the microkeratome. The FEMTO Z LASIK Method is 100% blade-free, exceptionally advanced, and has been shown to provide superior visual outcomes. Patients report rapid visual recovery, painless, bloodless with less fluctuations in vision during the recovery period, fewer problems with glare and halo’s at night and better quality of vision overall, particularly in terms of their ability to see well in low light. There is also a lower incidence of regression or the need for enhancement procedures.

To date, the Ziemer Z8 FEMTO Z LASIK combined with our Schwind AMARIS eye laser technology is one of the safest and best technology in the world.

NASA astronauts and U.S. fighter pilots can have laser vision correction surgery today because of the exclusive, validated safety and precision performance of FEMTO Z LASIK technologies. Better results are expected for every patient, but in particular for patients with irregular astigmatism and thin corneas.

For more information on this kind of refractive eye surgery, contact Eye Laser Clinic in Bellville, Cape Town today at 021 9100 300