A Brief History Of LASIK

Earl LASIK development started with the use of microkeratome and keratomileusis procedures in the 1950’s allowing surgeons to cut extremely thin flaps in the cornea to change the shape of it.

Subsequent to this, the Russian scientist, Svyatoslav Fyodorov developed radial keratotomy during the 70’s, after which he designed the first phakic intraocular lens in the 80’s. The laser technology for this procedure was developed in 1968, in the USA, by the Northrop Corporation with the birth of the carbon-dioxide laser and this technology would eventually lead to the birth of the excimer laser, used in laser eye surgery.

The discovery in 1980, that an ultraviolet excimer laser can etch living tissue with no thermal damage to the surrounding area, was the beginnings of the exploration to find uses for this type of device. The precision with which it could cut human tissue without damage to the surrounding areas made it an ideal choice for use in eye surgery.

LASIK Eye Surgery

A patent was granted for LASIK in June 1989 in the USA and this resulted in its eventual introduction to the wider public. It was formally approved by the FDA in 1999 and soon became the most popular choice in refractive surgery. Since then, almost 30 million people worldwide have undergone this type of procedure.

Further developments in LASIK technology have resulted in advancements in the techniques used and the new standard of LASIK includes the use of a femtosecond laser and wavefront technology (CustomView System). A femtosecond laser reduces the potential disruptions to the ocular structure of the eye during the surgery. Wavefront-guided LASIK is a variation of the technique in which a computer controlled excimer laser guides the laser with the use of a wavefront sensor to achieve a more optically perfect eye.

If you would like to find out more about our procedures and whether you are a suitable candidate to undergo LASIK vision correction or related eye surgeries, contact our team at the Eye Laser Clinic. The team operates under the guidance of Dr Johan Krüger, a practicing Ophthalmologist with decades of experience in the eye care industry.


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