Laser Eye Surgery Financing in Cape Town

We have partnered with First Health Finance to offer eye treatment financing to those who need it most. Many sight-saving procedures have been performed at our laser eye clinic over the years and when patients come to us with their sight in a poor condition we, in turn, endeavour to restore their vision to an optimal level of performance. Our procedures may occasionally come at a price that is too costly for many of our potential clients to afford. Read below, and discover if FHF can offer you the gift of improved sight by means of one of their financial solutions.

At First Health Finance, the goal is to ensure that ocular procedures are made more accessible than they currently are which is why they are happy to announce that they can now offer you a loan product that will assist you in paying for the procedures you require, including LASIK financing. Eye Laser Clinic believes that enhancing quality of life is not a luxury but a right that everyone deserves.

Their customer service has been described as world class and their financial solutions are indeed flexible and within the means of most. As your First Health Finance loan is designed solely for a curative procedure, your other credit services will remain intact. This provides individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford the surgery, with the means to enjoy a new and improved lifestyle. For many years, this loan product has been widely available in the USA, Europe and Australia; and we now believe that it’s South Africa’s time to benefit from the assistance of patient finance as well.

Some of the Benefits

  • The application process is straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • As FHF pays the medical practitioner directly, you are given the freedom to concentrate on your procedure and not the costs involved.
  • They respect the privacy of any individual applying for a loan. Your laser eye treatment is a private and personal decision, which is why they ensure that the process remains completely confidential.
  • You may apply online, or via fax.
  • No waiting around for the verdict, as their average turnaround period is one hour.
  • Down payments are not required.
  • To maximise your chances of approval, their underwriters will assess every application individually.
  • Includes LASIK financing.
  • Loan amounts vary from R8000 and R40000; this allows you to select a product that’s right for your individual needs.
  • Your eye surgery financing option can be paid off in easy monthly instalments.

To apply for medical finance, visit