Eye Laser Procedures Part 2

Multifocal Intra-ocular lenses are becoming more and more popular as patients who undergo cataract surgery are usually independent of spectacles for distance and near vision if they have a multifocal IOL implanted. The optical surface of the new generation multifocal intraocular lens has a wavefront-guided design, which takes into account the aberrations of the eye. There are various multifocal lens implants available on the market, including Technis, ReStor, Rezoom, MPlus and AcriLisa. Some of these are better for computer work (intermediate distance), while others are better for reading (up close). Toric multifocal IOL’s are also available for patients with astigmatism. Accommodating IOL’s (Crystalens) are also available. Surgeons can customise each patient’s surgery by establishing which IOL, or combination of IOL’s, is best suited to the patient, depending on their individual needs and visual requirements.

The Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre also offers comprehensive Diabetic eye care, including digital fluorescein angiography, laser treatments and Avastin and Lucentis injections for diabetic macular edema.

We also specialize in Glaucoma treatment and management, using the latest technology of OCT scanning of the optic nerve, as well as Heidelberg retinal tomography and visual field analysis. Glaucoma surgery is also available at the clinic.

For more information about the above mentioned or any other eye procedures, please visit our website: www.eyelaserclinic.co.za, or contact us at The Tygervalley Eye & Laser Centre at 021 9100 300 or info@eyelaserclinic.co.za. Please remember that we offer free laser suitability screening to the public by telephonic appointment.


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