Don’t like the colour of your eyes? Now you can change them.

So you find your eye colour boring? A surgeon in New York has pioneered a way to permanently change the colour of your eyes!

Eye laser surgery and surgical care is a branch of medicine that is consistently and rapidly developing. New and improved methods of treatment, enhancements and cures are being discovered at an incredible rate every year. However, in the wake of the latest technological advancements – there will always be an aspect of it that leans toward the aesthetic side. Eye colour is no exception.

From mystic greens, crystal blues and warm browns, the colour of your eyes is something that people notice easily. In a culture where modification and change is rife – from plastic surgery to hair colour – the plight of changing the glow of your iris has always been out of the question. Until now.

Dr Kenneth Rosenthal, from New York, developed a way to alter eye colour using silicone implants. During the procedure, a 2,8mm cut is made in the cornea and a folded implant is inserted through it. The implant melds into its proper shape once inside the eye. Unlike contact lenses, which provide a very temporary solution, this alternative remains fixed in the eye.

The implant effectively alters the iris colour and allows you to choose your ideal eye colour. Other than simply for aesthetic purposes, these fake irises can also be used for reconstructive purposes – those born with damaged or discoloured irises can greatly benefit from the procedure. In fact, it has been reported that this very surgery was used to treat a 17-year old, Nathaniel Schull, who suffered from congential aniridia – the absence of irises. The artificial one was implanted and now Schull enjoys near perfect vision.

BrightOcular, the implants manufacturer, states that it’s a quick and painless procedure. They emphasise that the coloured irises don’t affect short or long sightedness. Although the surgery is deemed safe, there is a chance – as with all surgeries – that patients can develop infections, inflammation or sensitivity. However, they can be easily removed, under half an hour, if the irritation persists. This surgery is now widely available in the United States.

Despite the original reason for this procedure – which is to correct various eye defects such as ocular albinism – it is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

For now, it is a quick and – according to BrightOcular – safer way, to get the eye colour of your choosing. The procedure is already gaining traction in the United States, as well as the Asian market – where light contact lenses are already popular.

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