Celebrity eye surgeries

Because of its stellar success rate and life-altering advantages, laser eye surgery has rapidly become a mainstream treatment for people with poor eyesight around the world. Having got the thumbs up from a host of celebrities – everyone from Spice Girls to billionaire entrepreneurs – it’s no wonder this treatment is performed so often.

Who hasn’t seen the famous pictures of Richard Branson throwing his glasses in the bin as a public show of support for laser eye surgery? The British billionaire had the procedure done many years ago when LASIK technology was still rather young but nonetheless, has been singing it praises ever since as he says it took him from blind as a bat to superb vision.

Actress Courtney Cox of Friends andCougarTownfame credits the procedure with saving her career. After struggling to correct her vision with contact lenses and glasses, the star was reportedly having trouble with reading cue cards and more – leading to poor vision disrupting her life. In 1999 she decided to have LASIK surgery and the results were staggering. Her vision improved significantly and she said ‘it was the easiest and most effortless thing I have ever done that provided the greatest reward.’

Celebrity Eye Surgeries

World renowned make-up artist and director Bobbi Brown is another celebrity that elected to have the procedure done when poor eyesight started affecting her life. Performed by a specialist in the U.S.A, the procedure helped this star to achieve excellent eyesight – an important thing to have in a profession where details and looks are everything.

Nicole Kidman had such bad eyesight that she was reputedly labelled as legally blind and had a terrible time of managing day to day things. She says that after undergoing quick and painless LASIK surgery she’s got perfect 20/20 vision and that everything looks so much better.

Other well known people that have undergone this procedure include Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, Drew Carey, Mel G, Ashlee Simpson and more – and the list grows longer every day. If you’re suffering from poor vision and would like to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure – speak to your specialist about improving your life today.


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