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Healthy Diet, Healthy Eyes

The concept of ‘you are what you eat’ rings true in all aspects of your life and body – and your eyes are no exception. Frequent checkups, good eye care and staying informed on the latest eye-laser technology are just a few of the steps you can take to protect your vision. In addition to […]

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Top 4 Daily Eye Care Habits

As one of the smallest sensory organs, our eyes are one of the most important. It is our primary way of interacting with the world, so it’s surprising how little time we invest in caring for them. Take a look at these seven easy steps you can take every day to ensure that your eyes […]

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How to take care of your eyes

Easy Steps to Eye Care

In the bustle of daily life, it is easy to forget the importance of one of your smallest sensory organs. Take a minute to ensure that you take care of your vision by following these simple steps. Regular check-ups: A check up before five years of age is highly recommended to check for childhood problems. […]

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Antioxidant Rich Foods

The Top 20 Antioxidant Rich Foods

Antioxidants act as the body’s major defense against free radicals and oxidative stress. They fight free radicals by supplying them with the electron they lack, and thus neutralize them. The body needs several types of antioxidants in order to function optimally and maintain good health. Adding more disease-fighting antioxidants into your diet will yield positive […]

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