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Dry eye treatment

Dry eye treatment offers relief for those who suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye. From mildly irritating cases of scratchy eyes to full-blown incidents of highly sensitive eyes, dry eye is the term used to describe eyes that do not produce enough tears, or eyes that produce a change of quality in tears. […]

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Computer eye strain

Eye Care for Computer Users Computer work causes eyestrain even for people with perfect eyesight – follow our eye care advice to ensure that you avoid the often painful symptoms of computer-related eye problems. Common symptoms of eye strain could include the following: Tired eyes Headaches Near-to-far blur (eyes take a while to focus when you look up from […]

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CustomVue PRK combined with cross-linking

It is now possible for some patients to have corrective custom laser treatment (CustomeVue PRK) combined with their cross-linking procedure. This means that your short-sightedness and astigmatism can greatly be reduced or even eliminated on the same day that you receive your cross-linking treatment for Keratoconus. This greatly simplifies the process, and ensures that you are able to […]

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Sulcoflex supplementary IOL’s

If you’ve already had a cataract eye care treatment, then you’re probably delighted to be rid of all of those irritating symptoms such as blurred vision and glare from lights. You may well be fed up with still having to wear glasses for close work however, or there may have been some ‘refractive surprises’ after your […]

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Patient regains vision after succesful operation

A young patient at Tygervalley Eye Laser Clinic is well on his way to recovery after a recent corneal graft surgery to save his cornea. Duncan Scholtz was diagnosed with Bilateral Kertaconus at the age of 12, and has battled with his eyesight ever since. Keratoconus is an eye condition that affects approximately one out of every thousand people. […]

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