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Keep an Eye Out for Common Disorders

One of the saddest facts about most common eye disorders is that they can be prevented if they’re detected early enough. By going for an annual checkup, you can spot the warning signs of some of the most prevalent ocular ailments. Take a look at some of the leading causes of impaired vision: Cataracts Cataracts […]

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iLasik Eye Surgery

Can I Go Blind From Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery has benefited from major innovations in control technology since the very first operation in 1992. While it is not entirely accurate to say that it is impossible to be blinded by laser eye surgery, the risk of such an occurrence is extremely small. The technology used in laser eye surgery is now […]

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Eye Care

November Newsletter 2011

EYE CARE AWARENESS WEEK: October marks the annual Eye Care Awareness Week.  During the month of October the Khangella theatre offered its theatre facilities free of charge and Dr. Johann Krüger performed several free cataract operations on people who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  Several pharmaceutical companies made this possible by donating […]

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