Can I Go Blind From Laser Eye Surgery?

Lasik Eye Close UpLaser eye surgery has benefited from major innovations in control technology since the very first operation in 1992. While it is not entirely accurate to say that it is impossible to be blinded by laser eye surgery, the risk of such an occurrence is extremely small.

The technology used in laser eye surgery is now largely computer controlled, working within extremely small tolerances. Advanced procedures like the iLasik (femto-Lasik) system allow completely bladeless procedures that produce even better results than older technology.

Remember, the process is very finely tailored to your own specific and exacting needs, it is not a generic process. Every patient’s needs are slightly different and the procedure affects only a very small section of the eye.

The procedure has become so safe and reliable that even NASA astronauts and U.S. fighter pilots can have it without any fear of compromising their visual acuity.

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