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What to Consider Before Eye Surgery

Before undergoing any serious medical procedure, it’s important to ask the right questions, and eye surgery is no exception. Although laser techniques are FDA approved to treat certain defects, it’s crucial to get expert advice and recommendations from your ophthalmologist. What to Consider Remember that the results of each surgery or treatment are entirely dependent […]

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Different Laser Eye Surgeries

If you’re one of those people who hates wearing glasses, then corrective treatment, like LASIK eye surgery, might be right for you. However, the market is bombarded with new procedures and it’s difficult to know which one is the best option. Gaining Foresight There are two types of corrective surgeries for eyes – one is […]

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Can LASIK Eye Surgery Give Me ‘Supersight’?

These days, it’s incredibly tough to keep up with the myriad of medical advances that continue to make the headlines. It seems that every week there’s a new gadget or procedure that can change your way of life. When it comes to your eyes, laser technology for treating vision impairments has evolved in leaps and […]

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