About Us

Our eye laser clinic is centrally situated opposite the modern Tygervalley shopping centre, north of Cape Town in the Durbanville winelands district.

Our clinic specialises in refractive eye surgery, including iLasik (femto-Lasik), CustomVue PRK, contact lens implants (ICL), as well as lens implantation for presbyopia (eyes affected by age) and we have over ten years’ experience in this technology. We also specialise in cataract surgery and corneal cross-linking for Keratoconus. Browse through our website to discover what other procedures we perform. If there are any procedures that we do not list but you are interested in, please contact us to enquire further.

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In most cases, our patients are completely independent of spectacles post-operatively. We use the latest in laser eye surgery technology to ensure that your vision is clearer than ever before. Laser vision correction is safer, more stable and more predictable today with bladeless iLasik (femto-Lasik) technology. This process utilizes femtosecond laser technology to create a thin corneal flap under which CustonVue wavefront-guided laser technology tailors the laser pattern to the exact corneal curvature and aberrations of the eye, taking into account the singular aspects of each individual’s vision impairment. This new technology provides even better quality of vision and can improve the visual performance of the eye in real life conditions.


About Dr. Krüger

Tygervalley Ophthalmologist Dr. KrügerDr. Johann Krüger practices as an Ophthalmologist specialising in refractive eye surgery. He has decades of experience in the eye care profession and has pioneered many complex surgeries which have helped to bring improved vision to those who previously suffered without any viable solution. Together we decide which procedure is the safest and most suited to you. Our staff members are specifically trained and the eye care centre provides excellent facilities and services.